GGR Investimentos does not trade or distribute investment fund shares or any other financial asset. The information in this website is provided exclusively for informative purposes; such information does not represent any investment recommendation and should not be used for such purpose. Investors should not rely solely on the information herein without seeking professional advice.

None of the information in this website constitutes a request, offer or recommendation for the purchase or sale of shares of any of the investment funds managed or sponsored by GGR Investimentos, or any other securities, nor should it be understood as such in any jurisdiction in which such request, offer or recommendation would be deemed unlawful. Investment funds are not guaranteed by the administrator, the portfolio manager, any insurance mechanism or the credit guarantee fund - FGC. The profitability published herein is not net of taxes. ANBIMA regulations recommend assessing the performance of investment funds covering a minimum period of 12 (twelve) months. Past profitability is no guarantee of future profitability.

Contributions and investments in investment funds managed or sponsored by GGR Investimentos are subject to risks of capital loss, as is the case in any investments made in the financial and capital markets. Investors must keep in mind that the value of an investment can either rise or fall, and investors may be unable to recover their investments. Some funds may employ derivative strategies as an integral part of their investment policy; such strategies, in the way they are usually adopted, may result in significant shareholder equity losses, which may even entail losses higher than the invested capital and a resulting obligation for shareholders to provide additional resources to cover the losses sustained by the funds. Equities and multi-asset funds with variable income may be subject to a significant concentration of assets in the hands of few issuers, which results in risks. Investors must carefully read over the prospectus thoroughly before making an investment.

GGR Investimentos, its administrators and employees may not be held liable for any damages directly or indirectly arising from the use of the information provided in this website. This website’s contents must not be reproduced, distributed or published under any circumstances.
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